Mark and Carlos – more info!!


5-20-13 carlos at berk arts

Carlos Jennings – electronics

Carlos Jennings is very intrigued by sound as a way of expanding consciousness and healing. He has been interested in “weird” electronic music since his college days in the ‘80s and played bass and keyboards in an original rock band during the 1990s. Now he is totally obsessed by the science and art of synthesis. Thank you Dr. Holmes!

Carlos’ favorite instrument is a heavily modified acoustic synthesizer built in the early ‘80s. He also likes small elecroacoustic devices that play, record, and/or loop sounds. Often his sounds are not predictable, so you don’t hear the same sounds twice. He uses his Mopho synthesizer for lots of different sounds with a keyboard controller. He also plays electronic synthesizers. He is influenced by many electronic composers, such as John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley, Phillip Glass, and many others.

Carlos’ Soundcloud recordings – solo electronics


2-13 mark recording in montclairMark Pino – percussion

Mark Pino began playing drums at the age of 13, after having been inspired by seeing his middle school band play. He has played publicly in the SF Bay Area and other parts of the country since the early 1990’s. Mark has shared stages and playing situations with many talented individuals, and is grateful to all of them, most of all those who have shared their insights with him. He considers himself a band player, first and foremost. He also plays percussion with Cloud Shepherd and other experimental/improv groups.

Mark’s Blog Very interesting.
Very interesting! Comments, photos, and videos from his gigs!!
Mark’s Soundcloud recordings

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