About Ear Spray

“Classification”: Electro Acoustic Noise

Synthesizing electronics, acoustic percussion, voice, electric cello and videos into dynamic and strange aural landscapes and improvisations. Live processed video and vocals. Layering lots of different sounds. Occasional very short periods of melody and playing in Western time.

Band members – playing together since 2010!!
Carlos Jennings
– Electronics, Conduction, and Composer
Ann O’Rourke – Processed Vocals, Strange processed Video, Electric Cello and Weird Ideas
Mark Pino – Entertainer and Intense Percussionist

1-26-14 Ann, Mark and Carlos





See videos of all our gigs at https://www.youtube.com/user/annorourke12  , starting with the first one in August, 2010!!

Bandcamp page:  https://earspray.bandcamp.com/

2019 Ear Spray Gigs

September 15 at Godwaffle Noise Pancakes, Noon to 2pm

Ann O’Rourke playing solo Electric Cello and Vocals Roland KP 12 Effects Box. Percussion Implements: chains, threaded rod , plumbing pipe, toilet brush and comb. Plus percussive cello, of course!!

The other two members of Ear Spray, Carlos Jennings and Mark Pino were not able to make it, so Ann did her Very First Solo!! But, she really missed them after playing together since 8/28/2010 in Ear Spray!! Many thanks to my cello teacher, Michael Graham in Oakland CA. Without his support I could have never done this!!

2018 Ear Spray Gigs

December 8 at Godwaffle Noise Pancakes, Noon to 2pm

Noisebridge Hackerspace 2169 Mission St
btwn 17/18th st
SF, CA 9411
Close to BART.

Good crowd. Lotsa fun!

Sept. 14 at Luggage Store Gallery San Francisco
With the Big Screen for videos!!

August 4  at Brutal SFX #83 at the Lab in San Francisco
Return to the Lab!!
Our first noise gig was at the Lab in 2010, a regular place for experimental music

Unfortunately, there was a change in management a few years ago and there
were no more big noise events until August 4, 2018. 8 bands played. A wide variety
of experimental and noise bands.  To see videos of other bands who played, go to https://www.youtube.com/BRUTALSFX and scroll down to Uploads Brutal SFX #83

Saturday, February 10th Stanford Day of Noise at 10-10:30AM 
24 hours of continuous live noize on the radio!! Our first time with electric cello!
Our second time playing at this event. Ann will be recording video so everyone can see how she is making her strange cello sounds using styrofoam, threaded rods, thimbles, etc.

Link to 2017 info http://kzsu.stanford.edu/dayofnoise/2017/

2017 Ear Spray gigs

10-8-17 Ear Spray with Electric Cello at Norcal Noise Fest in Sacramento CA

Ann O’Rourke – vocals and electric cello Mark Pino – cymbal The first time we played as a duo. Our electronic musician, Carlos Jennings, was on vacation. Our third time playing at the 21st Annual Norcal Noisefest. The video does not show Mark, our Entertainer, rolling on the floor with his cymbal but you can hear him. Darn!!

7-20-17 Ear Spray at Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco CA

3-3-17 Finnish Hall Berkeley CA All Tomorrow’s After Parties Benefit

We had a great time at the Finnish Hall.! Large room with domed ceiling and excellent acoustics.1 projector on the rear wall. and 2 on the ceiling. Two rear projectors had my videos. Other ceiling projector had 3 beefheart videos plus artwork images (Partial view). 3 evenings (Friday, Sat. Sun.) from 7 to 10 pm at the Finnish Kaleva Hall in Berkeley – 1970 Chestnut St. 6 Bands each evening. I did big projections on 2 ipads, each with different videos, for the first time!! Event info, including band lists, at: http://nextnow.edgebuzz.tv/


10-10:30 AM on Saturday, February 4th 2017 at KZSU (live radio) 24-hour Day of Noise (Sorry, no videos at this event, live on the radio)

KZSU has an annual Day of Noise – 24 hours of straight of live improvised experimental / noise music.  They host the event in our studios on Saturday, February 4th 2017, 0000-1159.
This used to be an annual tradition at KZSU in the 90s.  We’ve had a successful revival run the last couple of years and we’re going for the 15th annual event this year.  Take a look at last year’s website and our archive of last year’s performances to get an idea.


Friday, Saturday, Sunday –  March 4th, 5th, 6th 2017 from 7pm to 10pm 
Finn Hall (197 Chestnut street, Berkeley, Ca is the place) and
Mika Pontecorvo’s All Tomorrow’s After Parties. Semi-annual benefit. 1.5 days of bands. We used 3 projectors and two ipads with videos on the back walls and ceiling!! http://nextnow.edgebuzz.tv/

Ear Spray played at 7pm on Friday, March 4th


2016 gigs.
See the videos all our gigs at https://www.youtube.com/user/annorourke12  , starting with the first one in August, 2010!!


November 13 2016, Saturday from noon to 2pm. Godwaffle Noise Pancakes at
Noisebridge Hackerspace
2169 Mission St
btwn 17/18th st
SF, CA 9411
Close to BART.

Good crowd. Lotsa fun!


October 13, 2016. Thursday from 8pm to 10 pm. Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. Very close to BART. 1007 Market St., San Francisco. Come and see the changes on this part of Market Street. Plus hear some great music!!


May 19, 2016, Thursday at 9pm at the Stork Club  in Oakland CA. Dive bar – lotsa fun. Mostly punk/rock/etc. They did’t throw tomatoes at us ;>  http://www.storkcluboakland.com/ We had a great time. Our first time at a dive bar!!!


June 4; 2016, Friday at 9pm at Berkeley Arts Festival in Berkeley. 2 blocks from BART!! On University, very close to Cal campus. Mika Pontecorvo’s All Tomorrow’s After Parties. Semi-annual benefit. 2.5 days of bands. We did  3 projector videos on all the walls!! http://nextnow.edgebuzz.tv/


1-9-16 OBAMA LOVES CAPTAIN BEEFHEART- NextNow’s Hardly Strictly Personal Benefit at Berkeley Arts, Berkeley, CA

NextNow’s Hardly StrictlyPersonal 2016 benefit for Earthjustice and The Coalition On
Homelessness.One more evening of Post Beefheart weirdness!! Friday, January 15, at Berkeley Arts, starting at 7pm.

This annual event’s theme is “Post-Beefheart”. In the Captain Beefheart tradition of being “out there” we made some changes – Carlos played bass and harmonica, Ann used images of The Captain’s art work mixed with her videos, and didn’t do any percussion which was very hard for her. Soon after the beginning there is about a minute that shows what her ipad video software looks like. Touchviz was developed by the same person as Touchosc, a popular midi controller. The muffled male voice in the background is The Captain, modified by Carlos.
– Carlos Jennings – bass guitar, harmonica, electronics
– Mark Pino – percussion, electronics
– Ann O’Rourke – vocals, video

Videos of all performances, including the first one at Skronkathon in 2010, are at
www.youtube.com/annorourke12 !!

2015 Ear spray gigs

Ear Spray – Ann O’Rourke percussion/vocals/live processed video samples, Mark Pino percussion and Carlos Jennings electronics

9-2-15 Studio Grand in Oakland, CA – 10PM With surround Video from 3  projectors!! www.studiograndoakland.org/

8-16-15  Godwaffle Noise Pancakes in Oakland, CA, Noon to 2PM – Noisebridge Hacker Space in San Francisco, C7-25-15  Octopus Literary Salon, 2101 Webster St #170, Oakland, CA https://oaklandoctopus.org/ music!!!

May 4, 2015 at 8 PM at the Spice Monkey Restaurant near downtown Oakland, CA www.spicemonkeyrestaurant.com  .
The series – Avant-Jazz & Experimental Noise Every Monday – Sponsored VAMP music art and consignment & Oakland Freedom Jazz Society Good parking, good food, good venue, and good food. There was a birthday party so we were quiet and they were loud. There were some kids there so I played science videos, which they loved!! Lotsa fun!! 


Ann O’Rourke’s videos with other groups

Ann’s videos are live processing of video samples – 100% improvised with the live music being played!! 

Recent 2015 gigs: 

7-26-15 at the Lab in San Francisco at BrutalSFX. Videos for all the groups with Bill Thibeault alternating on videos.

May 23, 2015 Saturday, Ann O’Rourke is did processed video with Crows&Clouds at the festival.
NextNow presents ALL TOMORROWS AFTER-PARTIES 2015 – their third benefit festival :: this is to benefit The Homeless Action Center…MAY 22-23-24 at Berkeley Arts Festival http://www.berkeleyartsfestival.com in Berkeley CA.

January 28 & 29 2015 – Ann did the videos on Day 1 and 2 and Bill Thibeault did the 3rd and 4th days. at Second Act in San Francisco http://www.secondactsf.com for the 4-day Fog Music Festival 

– Videos for all the groups at Godwaffle Noise Pancakes 3-14-15 noon- 2pm at Noisebridge Hackerspace in San Francisco for all the bands.No video recording.

To see videos of Ear Spray’s performances, go to www.youtube.com/annorourke12 !! All the way back to our first gig in August, 2010 at Skronkathon in Oakland, CA !! A few of them of had severe technical difficulties so we did not save the videos ;> I really miss those all-acoustic performances I used to do before I started using stuff that had to be plugged in. Drums and voice never failed to work!!

2014 Gigs
– November 16, 2014 in Pacifica CA at Fog Music Festival
– October 23, 2014 in San Francisco, CA (right side of page)

– October 5, 2014 in Sacramento, CA Norcal Noisefest
– September 17, 2014 in San Francisco, CA
– July 18, 2014 in Berkeley CA
– May 31, 2014  in Berkeley CA (right side of first page)
– January 31, 2014 in Oakland CA (right side of first page)

To see more Ear Spray videos, go to http://www.youtube.com/annorourke12

Ann, Mark, and Carlos after a recent Noise Gig at Live Changing Minstry in Oakland, CA!!
We Love Noise!!!

1-26-14 Ann, Mark and Carlos

Ear Spray – synthesizing electronics, acoustic percussion, voice and videos into dynamic and strange aural landscapes and improvisations.

Type of music: “Electroacoustic Noise” seems to fit the best. Electronic and acoustic instruments plus vocals (with sound processing) and videos (with lots of processing). Occasional very short periods of melody and playing in Western time. Layering lots of different sounds at the same time. Science videos with strange processing. Galaxies and nebulas, molecules, plants, blood and cancer cells, etc. Plus lots of effects, of course!!


Ear Spray – the tinny sound that leaks out of someone else’s earphones.

Sounds like: No one else
Web site: http://www.earspraymusic.com
Contact info: ann@appraisaltoday.com (Ann O’Rourke)
Band members
Carlos Jennings – Electronics, Conduction, and Composer
Ann O’Rourke – Strange Vocals, Effects/Mixer,Live processed video samples and “weird ideas” person
Mark Pino – Entertainer and Intense Percussionist

Ann O’Rourke and Mark Pino – electronicized cymbals and Nunnish large resonant metal plate, found objects, walls, furniture, etc.
Band history

Ear Spray started 10 years ago when Carlos Jennings and Ann O’Rourke met at the Luggage Store Gallery’s (San Francisco, CA) weekly avant garde/experimental music series, run by Outsound Presents, happening every Thursday for over 20 years. Mark Pino joined the group in early 2013. The more percussionists the better!!

They all know how to play as a group. No solos, no “stars”, just improvised music that is different every time they play.

All three of them played many years in “rhythm sections” in rock and jazz groups. Carlos played bass and keyboards. Ann and Mark played drumset.

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