November 16, 2014 at Fog Music Concert Pacifica CA

November 16, 2014 at Fog Music Concert
1-6 PM at Winters Tavern 1522 Francisco Blvd Pacifica, CA.

Home of Fog!! Located on the Pacific Ocean, west of San Francisco, with lotsa fog. It is part of a series of Fog Music events. We played in a bar with loud sounds from the bar patrons. I love the ambience!!

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7-18-14 Ear Spray at Berkeley Arts

Our next gig: 3 day NorCal Noisefest 2014 in Sacramento, CA
We are playing Sunday October 5 at 2:30 p.m.
See you there!!!


3 groups – Very different Electronic Noise
– Aaron Oppenheim – laptop. Not the usual drone. Very creative!
– Rubber (() Cement – Very, very funny!! Upstaged all of us with his Big costume and leading the audience outside with him down University Ave.!!
– Ear Spray – electronics, weird vocals and videos, percussion

Aaron Oppenheim, an American-Canadian Canadian-American currently based in Oakland, who improvises sounds from his laptop. His music straddles the line between noise, drone, and glitch, always emphasizing liveness and in-the-momentishness.

Rubber (() Cement – Realizes all tires as sentient animals covered in stamped hieroglyphs. The world is a reading surface-ribbon for any number of distributed microscopic eyes.…

Ear Spray – Synthesizing electronics, acoustic percussion, voice and videos into dynamic and strange aural landscapes and improvisations. Science videos with strange processing. Galaxies and nebulas, sharks, molecules, plants, blood and cancer cells, etc. Plus lots of effects, of course!!
– Carlos Jennings — Electronics and Conduction
– Ann O’Rourke — Vocals, Videos, Effects/Mixer, Percussion and Instagator
– Mark Pino — Entertainer and Intense Percussionist

Ear Spray 5-31-14 Berkeley Arts, Berkeley CA – Homeless Benefit

Ann O’Rourke – Instigator, Vocals, Video, Percussion
Mark Pino – Intense Percussion
Carlos Jennings – Conduction and Electronics

We were one of the 17 groups at NextNow Festival – “All Tomorrows’ After-Parties – Jazz and Experimental Music Benefit for Homeless Action Center” (on Facebook) from noon to 11PM 5-31-14, put on by Impresario Mika Pontecorvo!! Facebook link:

This video was recorded by Charles Smith, who recorded all the groups!! If you see a white haired man holding a video camera on a tripod, that’s Charles. He records a lot of performances. Check out his other recordings at Ann first met him last year when he was recording at the 2013 Outsound New Music Summit.The 2014 Summit is July 22-27 in San Francisco.

Obsessed with video!!

Back in the “stone age” of video in the 1980s I took classes and worked on documentary videos. I came from black and white still photography and did not like the relatively poor image quality, although I loved video production – recording, editing, etc. Also the equipment was very expensive to rent and the video tape stretched when played. Fortunately, editing is really, really easy now due to the software. I started taking videos of other musicians performing about two years ago, using my iphone camera. When I got an iphone 5 I recorded everything in HD. I also recorded almost all of Ear Spray’s gigs. It was ok, but not very creative.I put all the videos on youtube and used iMovie for the Mac, an very, very easy program to use. Since I was posting to youtube “quality” was not a big deal as the videos are compressed.

A few months ago I decided to use videos projected behind Ear Spray while we perform. Recording and editing is very easy. But, wow, the projectors have really changed!! My iphone records in HD, so, of course, I had to have an HD projector. I had not used a video projector for a long time, so  it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted, since I am very picky about quality of the projected images – must be HD. One of my first projects is to have live video of Carlos playing. Mark and I move around but Carlos is trapped to his table of electronics. I will have a video camera focused on his table to show what he is doing.See the foto below.

carlos 10-10 buttonsI studied science in high school and college and am working on videos using science-related footage. Hopefully by this fall I will have some video ready to go. Carlos and I attended a performance at Davis Hall in San Francisco of Phillip Glass’ live music accompanying the film Koyaanisqatsi. I got so many ideas!!

Good thing we have Mark to play percussion in Ear Spray while I am fiddling with the video stuff!!

Finally got this darn band web site up!!

Three years ago I set up a myspace page for Ear Spray, when we first started performing together. Of course, soon later myspace went kids thumbs updefunct for musicians :<  Last fall I started a business wordpress blog that is now almost 60 postings plus lots of comments. After months of working on my business wordpress blog, it didn’t take long to set this one up. It was hard going from html to learning wordpress, which is much less flexible (I had never used templates before), but it worked out well for a band page as it takes little time to manage. Of course, knowing some HTML really helps with WordPress.For setting up this blog, most of my time was spent deciding on a template.