November 16, 2014 at Fog Music Concert Pacifica CA

November 16, 2014 at Fog Music Concert
1-6 PM at Winters Tavern 1522 Francisco Blvd Pacifica, CA.

Home of Fog!! Located on the Pacific Ocean, west of San Francisco, with lotsa fog. It is part of a series of Fog Music events. We played in a bar with loud sounds from the bar patrons. I love the ambience!!

More info on the bands:

Videos of all 8 bands: – scroll down to playlists

Audio for all 8 bands:



Ear Spray – September 17, 2014 in San Francisco

September 17, 2014 at 8pm in San Francisco on Haight St. At Second Act (formerly Red Vic movie theater) Part of a monthly experimental/noise music

7-18-14 Ear Spray at Berkeley Arts

Our next gig: 3 day NorCal Noisefest 2014 in Sacramento, CA
We are playing Sunday October 5 at 2:30 p.m.
See you there!!!


3 groups – Very different Electronic Noise
– Aaron Oppenheim – laptop. Not the usual drone. Very creative!
– Rubber (() Cement – Very, very funny!! Upstaged all of us with his Big costume and leading the audience outside with him down University Ave.!!
– Ear Spray – electronics, weird vocals and videos, percussion

Aaron Oppenheim, an American-Canadian Canadian-American currently based in Oakland, who improvises sounds from his laptop. His music straddles the line between noise, drone, and glitch, always emphasizing liveness and in-the-momentishness.

Rubber (() Cement – Realizes all tires as sentient animals covered in stamped hieroglyphs. The world is a reading surface-ribbon for any number of distributed microscopic eyes.…

Ear Spray – Synthesizing electronics, acoustic percussion, voice and videos into dynamic and strange aural landscapes and improvisations. Science videos with strange processing. Galaxies and nebulas, sharks, molecules, plants, blood and cancer cells, etc. Plus lots of effects, of course!!
– Carlos Jennings — Electronics and Conduction
– Ann O’Rourke — Vocals, Videos, Effects/Mixer, Percussion and Instagator
– Mark Pino — Entertainer and Intense Percussionist

Ear Spray 5-31-14 Berkeley Arts, Berkeley CA – Homeless Benefit

Ann O’Rourke – Instigator, Vocals, Video, Percussion
Mark Pino – Intense Percussion
Carlos Jennings – Conduction and Electronics

We were one of the 17 groups at NextNow Festival – “All Tomorrows’ After-Parties – Jazz and Experimental Music Benefit for Homeless Action Center” (on Facebook) from noon to 11PM 5-31-14, put on by Impresario Mika Pontecorvo!! Facebook link:

This video was recorded by Charles Smith, who recorded all the groups!! If you see a white haired man holding a video camera on a tripod, that’s Charles. He records a lot of performances. Check out his other recordings at Ann first met him last year when he was recording at the 2013 Outsound New Music Summit.The 2014 Summit is July 22-27 in San Francisco.

Godwaffle Noise Pancakes 1-26-14. Lotsa fun!!

There were 5 bands, playing about 20 minutes each. I put all the videos on my blog (click below). I really liked the variety – Together (from NYC), the first group, had 4-5 players with dancers/movement, electronics, spoken word, sax, other instruments. DemonSleeper (Andrea Buschman) played various electronic devices. Slusser played a wind instrument that looked like a clarinet and electronics. Ear Spray played fourth. Liver Cancer (reunited), the last group, is a popular harsh noise group that had an encore.

After almost a year of working on videos, Ear Spray finally performed with my live videos!! It was part of a series called Godwaffle Noise Pancakes, which is usually from noon to 2pm in San Francisco, typically at a art exhibit space called the Lab in the Mission district. We had performed several times at the Lab at Godwaffle and other series.

This time Godwaffle was at Life Changing Ministry in Oakland, in a former church. It had not been held in Oakland for about 3 years. I really liked the Oakland location as it is close to Alameda, where I live. Reportedly, it had not been a church for many years but still had a church-like entrance and had been rented to tenants as a house. Over the past few years, experimental musicans, especially of the noise variety, have been scheduling events there. There is lots of equipment, including a pull down screen, which worked great for my videos.

List of perfomers
Together! (NYC)
Ear Spray
Liver Cancer

More info on the groups, with links, is below.

All the acts except Together were recorded by Kevin Hobbs, an excellent videographer.

Links to videos for 1-26-14

Together (1 minute) recorded by brutalsfx

Demon Sleeper

Slusser  –

Ear Spray

Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer
Bobby Almon
& Geordan White
White also runs Audible Disease, a popular effects pedal company in which they build and design diabolical effects pedals and synthesizers tailored to noise and experimental artists.
Facebook: Livercancer Harshnoise


Heavy sedated distorted pulses and hypnotic vocals based on nightmares and lucid dreamscapes.

David Slusser’s work history ranges from collaborations with John Zorn to music editing for Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas, and co-composing with David Lynch. Delight… demonstrates why — Slusser has a sense of cinematic composition and sound collage that is simply amazing. “Kubrick” is a wide-screen tone-poem that (like all of Slusser’s work) goes beyond any sense of “experimentalism” into something concrete and fully realized, while “Dragon” accompanies the sound of the Chinese language with cymbals, bells, and bowed metallic objects to create sounds that capture the entire image and sense of the dragon in eastern mythology. Other tracks assemble resonances and decays of piano tones into concrete compositions that are as beautiful as they are simply fascinating. An excellent collection that makes your average “experimentalist” seem completely misguided.
Together! (NYC)

Two thirty-year-old schleps performing laughable 21st century clown music for and in response to a hypercritical post-human “white” western consciousness.

Here’s the link to the facebook event page

Videos from space station at our 10/20/13 gig!!

I saw Gravity this weekend, the new movie about astronauts in space. I’m a big science fiction fan. It was one  of the best movies I have ever seen. I have been working on video projections for the past 3 months for Ear Spray gigs. I will be using two videos with views of earth from the space station for my first time doing videos at our performance 10/20/13 at Berkeley Arts at 8pm. I didn’t know about Gravity when I first started using the space station videos. What a coincidence!!

In my college years I studied science and worked in labs for 7 years after graduating. I still really like science. Almost all the videos I am using are science-oriented – sea urchin eggs, cloud formations, water patterns, weather patterns, molecules, DNA, etc. With effects, of course ;>

I’m doing my first videos with Ear Spray on 10/20/13. Finally got set up with a projector and ipad software. I studied video production and did video documentaries back in the 80s, after doing still black and white photography for quite a while. The quality of the videos was way inferior to film and the equipment was very expensive to rent, so I quit after a few years. I really liked editing but it was way too slow and clunky. Fast forward to today. For the past three years I have been recording my performances (and a few other groups) on my iphone and posting to youtube. I use imovie for editing. Don’t need anything fancy for youtube!!

I have been practicing doing videos and vocals at the Tuesday evening free jazz/improv jam at Berkeley Arts for about 6 weeks. If I can do videos with the wide variety of instruments and playing styles on Tuesday nights, I can do them most anywhere. Fortunately, the vocals are very easy for me and I don’t have to think about them much.

I will be doing videos, percussion, and vocals at the same time. I hope my head does not explode ;>

If you’re on Facebook, here’s a link to more info.